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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Hi, Everyone,
   As you know, tomorrow is the first day of spring, according to the calendar.  While some of you in the more northerly climes may still have snow on the ground, spring is in bloom down here in sunny south Alabama.  Maybe our blossoms and buds will cheer you until yours peek their little heads out of the barren landscape of their winter sleep.
   Here's one of the dormant Japanese magnolias in our back yard just about 3-4 weeks ago:

Barren, gray branches make the tree look lifeless.

Today, her delicate blooms look like an explosion of pink popcorn.

This sturdy old bay tree in our front yard will be loaded with traditional white magnolia blossoms soon.

This little dogwood struggles to grow beneath the towering long leaf pines in the back yard.
The neighbor's bridal wreath drips branches of lovely flowers.

This azalea in front of our house could use some pruning, but provides lovely flowers all the same.

Up close, these magical flowers are breathtaking.  All over town, masses of different colors and varieties of azaleas turn Brewton into a Southern wonderland.

Beside our front steps, a more delicate pink variety peeks out from behind other greenery.

Though not as brilliant as her pink and fuchsia sister, this white azalea is a beauty in her own right.

Here, a darker variety is covered in buds, ready to bloom any moment.

These graceful trees line the boardwalk downtown.  In the fall, they provide beautiful autumn foliage in colors from oranges to reds.  I think they're Japanese pears, but I'm not positive.

Another view of the parking lot across from the boardwalk.
   Each spring I drink in the gorgeous flowers and trees that clothe our town in glorious colors.  Wherever you are, I hope that the wonder of God's beautiful world never ceases to amaze you.  May the first day of spring bring you renewed hope, health and happiness.

Love'n stuff,
Sandy :)

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  1. I've been told the trees I identified as Japanese pears are actually flowering Bradford pears. I'm also told the flowers smell rather rank after they have fallen to the ground.