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Friday, January 28, 2011

Eye Surgery and Feeding a Crowd

   So far this blog has been less about scrapping and more about our lives.  Hopefully I will soon get more of the scrapping part of it going.  Today, however, Eddie had eye surgery, and we had to go to Pensacola for that.  Everything went well, but his eye was uncomfortable for a while afterward.  He was able to rest his eyes on the way home, though, and that seemed to help.  He has glaucoma, and the doctor has performed surgery on both eyes during the last two weeks to help lower his pressures.  His pressure was 17 after a couple of hours, so the technician seemed pleased with that reading.  He'll go back next Friday to have both eyes checked again.
   While we were waiting around in Pensacola, we ate at Red Lobster and shopped.  I got a couple of new pillows for the den and a mirror, too.  Below is a photo of the mirror, but it didn't turn out very well in the low light.  I had the overhead light on, but the bulbs reflected too brightly off of the polished frame of the mirror.  Maybe you can still get a good idea.  The center square is the mirror part, but it's reflecting the opposite wall and ceiling, so it may be hard to tell.  I plan to hang it over the brown loveseat.
"Global Caravan" Mirror
   In the meantime, it was our church's turn to feed the kids at JDCC (our local community college).  We had planned for 160, but we only had about 100.  That means we're having chili Wednesday night at church!  LOL  In addition to the chili, we fed them Fritos, cake and soft drinks.  Each Friday one or more of the Southern Baptist churches in our association (county) prepares lunch for any of the students and faculty who would like to come.  Of course it's free, and during the meal there is also a short devotion provided, and a blessing is asked.  It has grown from about 35 participants to the 160 that were served last week.  I was sorry that Eddie's eye surgery prevented me from going and helping today, but I'm so thankful that I had over 17 volunteers to make chili and a wonderful team to go and serve.  I'm sure those who enjoyed the lunch appreciated all the hard work and love that went into it.
   Hope you've all had productive days and safe journeys.
Love'n stuff,
Sandy :)

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