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Monday, January 31, 2011

News at Ten; Photos at Eleven

   Ha, ha.  You thought I was just kidding.  Actually, I was.  After a few more interesting events today, I thought I would add some late-breaking news.  At one point today the house smelled like dead fish, and the 52" TV was in front of the kitchen sink.  As I cooked supper for 10 people while maneuvering around the TV, and trying to keep from falling through the den floor, I was idly wondering what sawdust would taste like in spaghetti.  After eating supper, I can tell you that it tastes a lot like chicken and is about the size of New Jersey.  No, wait.  Wrong question.  With a little Parmesan cheese, you never even notice the sawdust.  Want the recipe?  One of my granddaughter's friends ate supper with us tonight and saw this quip on Facebook.  She replied, "OMG!  I didn't see any!"
   To add insult to injury, the bottom of the 50-year-old sink in the upstairs bathroom had rusted out last week, and we have a replacement sitting amongst the flooring equipment and furniture on the carport ready to be installed.  Today, of course, someone upstairs forgot that the sink wouldn't hold water and turned it on.  I was alerted to this situation by my youngest granddaughter who wanted to know why the downstairs bathroom had water all over the floor.  As I looked at the dripping water coming down from the door frame nearest the ceiling, I had a pretty good idea.  Hope it isn't raining in your house!

   I'm happy to report that the floor joists were strengthened, new insulation added between them, a layer of decking was nailed to the joists, a layer of felt was attached to that, and the final layer of sub floor decking was put down.  The guys did an excellent job, and if anyone is looking for some good carpenters, just ask me!  They should be able to put down the underlay and laminate tomorrow.  For now, the furniture is safely tucked in for the night on the sturdy new sub floor, and it smells like new house in here instead of dead fish.  Best of all, no critters can get in tonight!  Picture at 11:00.  Aw. All right.  I'll post it now.
Love'n stuff,
Sandy :)


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