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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Floor; Day Two

Don't you just love cliches?  They just seem to fit so often, so I guess that's why they've become cliches.  Anyway, here goes:  What a difference a day makes!  From yesterday's mayhem:
To today's amazing results:
The floor has been completed, and now they're working on baseboards and trim.  Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating, so it may take a while for all the stain and varnish to dry.  Anyway, you can see how much better this looks!
Here's another treat.  Tyler, our grandson, is holding Tyson, our great-grandson.  They are cousins.  Isn't that sweet?  Now Tyson has a nice, new floor to learn to crawl on.  Tyler learned to crawl right here on one several remodels ago!  More pictures and updates later today.
Love'n stuff,
Sandy :)

P.S.  See those green shutters in the background?  They were country blue before the last remodel.  Some things change while others stay the same.  Tyler is 19, and we put them in before he was born!
Tyson is in my lap, and he says to tell you that the TV is still in the kitchen.

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