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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scrapbook Borders & Pet Boarders

Hi, Everyone!
   I thought I'd share some crafting things today.  I did start this as a crafter's blog, although things have gone far afield of that goal!  Anyway, maybe those of you who aren't crafters will still enjoy looking at some things that are--and aren't.
Pet Borders

Dear Friend Border

College Student Border

"Princess" Border

Boy Border

Smokey asleep in my caftan; ferret boarder

    Oops!  No, this isn't a border; he was our first ferret, Smokey, who is living in ferret heaven now.  I'd love to have him as a boarder again!  We had him for almost 4 years, and like most of our pets, he started out as the pet of one of our grandchildren.  Children always want pets, but most of them lose interest fast when there is food and water to change and litter boxes to swamp out!  We fell in love with Smokey and acquired several more ferrets as time went by through purchase and rescue.  We're down to 2 now, and we love the little dickenses dearly.  We did find them asleep tonight in the underlining of our new couch, so we'll have to add some thin wood underneath to keep them out.  They think of it as a hammock, like the one hanging in their cage.  Our skunk used to like to sleep in furniture linings, too, but then skunks and ferrets are both in the weasel family.  Ah, well.  I told you this was the Ark!
Love'n stuff,
Sandy :)

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