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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Hi, Gang!
   Monday was quite a productive day.  The first thing Eddie worked on was the pool in the backyard.  He had taken the cover off a few days ago to check on the state of the water.  After he spent quite a bit of time fishing leaves off the bottom, adding new chemicals and trying out a new method of keeping the cover off the surface, I helped him stretch the cover back across the pool and begin the anchoring process.  If you don't tether the cover to the ground, it'll do a Mary Poppins disappearing act when the wind blows.
   Since the weather was mild and glorious, it was a perfect day for taking the ferret cage outside for a good cleaning, too.  Here's a before picture:

Bandit and Sugar Baby in their dirty cage
   As you can plainly see, their cage was sorely in need of a good cleaning!  We had already taken out the hammock from the top section, then set the wire part of the cage off the base onto the ground so they could experience a little bit of real nature.  When we started on the serious cleaning part, we turned them loose on the inside of the house to wreak havoc. 
   After soaking and scrubbing litter boxes, shelves and the wire cage itself, we put it all back together.  The wind kindly dried it off for us.    Here are some after pictures:

   From this picture you can see about how tall it is compared to our front door.

Closeup of the bottom two sections.
   The red plastic thing on the bottom floor is an igloo.  They like to snuggle up together and sleep inside of it when it's cold.  The curved yellow and red tubes hanging down from the ceilings are their "ladders" between floors.  It's funny to see them crawling from one floor to the other with half of them hanging out the top and bottom at the same time.

The top two tiers
   You can clearly see in this photo that their shelves are nice and clean.  The litter boxes were all freshly filled after their vigorous scrubbing, and the brand new double-decker hammock is in its place.  Before putting them to bed, Eddie applied their monthly flea treatment.
    At bedtime, the ferrets were excited to explore their clean-smelling cage and clean pair of pants (they're crazy about this old pair of trousers that has a lining in it; they like to crawl inside the legs to sleep).  Sadly, the new hammock didn't work out.  It sagged too low with them in it, so they didn't use it.  Tonight we returned one of their older hammocks (freshly laundered, of course) to the cage, and they happily settled down in their comfortable digs.  Wish all the rest of the house was that clean!
   Hope your bed is nice and comfy, too.
Love'n stuff,
Sandy :)

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