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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Rug

Hi, Everyone!
   It's about 9:00 p.m., and I'm really tired.  I'll bet Marcus, Chris and Tyler could tell you a thing or two about being tired, though!  The floor turned out just beautifully, and they didn't stop until they got the carpet down, too.  I'm very happy with how it looks.  Ready to see it?  Ok.

   As you can see, the TV is finally out of the kitchen.  Just don't look too carefully in the background to the kitchen, either.  I've spent all my energy on the den, so the kitchen went lacking!  We only had 9 for supper tonight, and I made the 3 girls "pay" for theirs by having them carry all the books back into the den from the floor of my craft room so I could put them back in alphabetical order by authors and subjects.  Did I just hear you ask if I was OCD?  The ferrets were having a great time playing King of the Mountain on all the things piled up in there, and I even had to get Sugar Baby off the shelf of ribbons one time.
   Those of you who know us know that our lives are a comedy of errors.  Maybe yours is, too, but you just have more sense than to let everyone in on it.  I personally believe that laughter saves your sanity, so I tell you all about our insanity. 
   Tyler and I had been vacuuming and dusting and returning (read lugging) the furniture to its proper places while we waited for the guys to get back from returning some equipment they borrowed and picking up the girls from school.  They had one more cut to make in the laminate flooring for the last vent, so we knew we had to leave the vacuum out to clean up the sawdust after that. 
   Now, if you've never used a Rainbow vacuum cleaner, you probably don't know that the dirt collects in a water container that must be emptied after each use, or when it turns to mud, as the case may be.  If you're going to let it sit for more than 10 minutes, you're supposed to remove the motor housing from above the water container so no condensation gets into the motor (or something like that).  I disassembled the vacuum while we waited, and when it was time to finish the cleanup, Tyler asked me to put it back together so he could vacuum for me.  I reattached the motor housing, made sure it was plugged in, and told him it was ready.  I forgot to reattach the hose to the unit, and he accidentally plugged it into the blower port instead of the suction port.  That really gives new meaning to the term "dusting" your house.  
  Anyway...most of the things are put back in the den, although I'll be continuing to undust (or is it dedust?) for some time to come.  The Christmas gifts that still haven't been delivered are about 1/4" deep.  It tastes pretty good in meatloaf, too, by the way.  At least nobody complained about the sawdust flavor at supper.  They were probably used to it after the spaghetti last night.  It might make a pretty good meat extender, kind of like bread crumbs, you know.  Hm....
Love'n stuff,
Sandy :)

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