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Monday, February 7, 2011

Off the Beaten Path

Hi, Everyone,
   As we've worked our way through some major repair projects in the last week, it's made me think about the way life seems to ebb and flow.  It seems there's always something that needs to be done on the upkeep of a house.   Broken windows need replacing; dirty windows need washing; exterior doors need waxing; bedroom walls need repainting (for the third time because you still don't like the color) and so on.  I'm not complaining, mind you.  I'm counting my blessings that I have these "burdens."  I've been reading The Shack by Wm. Paul Young, and excerpts from another book, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp.  The woman who wrote the book finds out she is dying, and only then does she contemplate how she is living.  Don't we all find ourselves guilty of "living for the weekend," or "surviving the day?"  It also reminds me of myself as a little girl spending so much time getting ready to play, that I never actually got around to playing. 
  When I hear the cold wind howling outside my windows, and a myriad list of chores rises up to annoy me when I just want to relax, I am reminded today to count my blessings.  We've all heard the idea of "everyday" miracles before, but trying to internalize the concept is another story.  I hope that we all focus more on the joy of the journey instead of just trying to reach a destination.  So today I will savor the blessings of cleaning and cooking, doing laundry and keeping my household running.  All the little things that can add up to suck the joy right out of us if we let them.  The aggravations of flat tires (a nail left over from last week's flooring job), to a missed appointment can leave us feeling ill-used and angry.
   My prayer is that you find joy in the little things in life, and you don't wait to be happy for only the big things.  I pray for people  in your life to love you and things for you to do to feel fulfilled.  May you be blessed, and may you be a blessing in return.
With love,
Sandy :)

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