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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hearts & Flowers, Anyone?

Hi, Everyone!
   Evidence of Valentine's Day is everywhere:  candy hearts, flowers, doilies, napkins, teddy bears, cards and so on.  So how are you preparing for the big day?  Did you select your sweetheart's special gift yet?  Do you like plain or fancy?  Milk chocolate or dark?  How does one decide with so many fabulous choices?

   As I was shopping at the Dollar Store the other day, I passed by a young gentleman who was browsing the Valentine gift section.  We murmured our "Excuse me's" and such as we sidestepped each other.  I was looking for chocolates to take to our weekly Mexican Train Domino game.  He, apparently, was looking for just the right gift for that someone "special"  in his life, as evidenced by his careful scrutiny of the artificial roses and heart-shaped candy boxes.
   Quickly, I found some assorted miniature Hershey bars and was making my way past him to the checkout counter when he said, "This is about as cheap as I can get, don't you think?"  He indicated a single rose wrapped in cellophane and a generic, plain, red candy box.
  After glancing at his selections, I looked pointedly at them and responded with amusement, "If that's what you're going for!" 
   He grinned unashamedly and defended his choices with, "Well, something's better than nothing."
   Smiling, I raised my eyebrows and nodded.  "It is the thought that counts.  I hope that works for you!"
By this time we were both walking up to the checkout counter, and I was shaking my head chuckling. He grinned, and got ready to pay for his gifts.
   I just want to say that if you're his girlfriend, you have my sincere sympathy, and just know that I tried to embarrass him into something better.
   So, what have you planned for the most special person in your life?
Love'n stuff,
Sandy :)

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