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Monday, January 31, 2011

New Floor?????

Have you ever awakened to find men standing in your den floor?
No?  I didn't think so.  Me, either until this morning.  It turns out the particle board sub flooring that was so wildly popular in the 60s has deteriorated from moisture by the --what do we call this decade?  Has anyone come up with a name for it yet?  Anyway, over 50 years later.  Not only was the particle board rotten, but it held the moisture against the plywood decking below and rotted that in places as well as the actual floor joists.  This is much more information about floors than I ever wanted to know. 
   So instead of just removing tile, adding a waterproof underlay and adding new laminate, we're having to replace or reinforce floor joists, decking, insulation, waterproof barrier, underlay, then laminate.  Does this remind you of the wallpaper debacle?  We learned our lesson from that fiasco, so we're getting it done right from the get go.  Did I mention that a mouse came running up into the house from the exposed area underneath?  Yup.  They said he ran right into the kitchen and disappeared at breakneck speed.  Sigh.  I sent Janet to get d-CON and a mouse trap.  I can hear you laughing!  Cut that out!

   As for the den, it's outside on the carport now.  Oh, yes. And it's raining.  Yup.  We're having a "Nall" day!   More news at ten.

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